Top 10 Universities For Biology Majors


If you are intrigued by nature and the living things around you, then a biology major may be a good choice for you. After graduating in biology, you have a number of career options to choose from. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a biological technician which is an entry level job had a median pay of $43,800 in 2017. You can work as a biological technician, biochemist, genetic counselor, health communications specialist, health educator and many more. The following are some of the top universities where you can study biology.

1) Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Massachusetts – MIT is an excellent option for students who are thinking about a general degree in biology. You have on offer bachelor’s programs and graduate degrees in biology. You also get to experience the fast-paced city life as you study here.

2) Stanford University, California – if you are interested in pursuing advanced studies in biology Stanford University offers graduate degrees. Located in Stanford, California, the university has a study-friendly suburban atmosphere.

3) Wake Forest University, North Carolina – The university is located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. If you enjoy the excitement of a popular city, then this could be a good choice for you. Undergraduate and graduate programs in biology are offered by the Wake Forest University.

4) University of California, San Diego – Biology majors from this university have no problem finding excellent job opportunities. The biology department is a vibrant hub of scientific discovery, and you get to learn from many reputed faculty.

5) Tufts University, Massachusetts – The university is based in Medford has a very friendly, safe, and suburban environment that is highly conducive to studies. Tufts University is most popular for its general biology degree. Most teachers are full-time, so you are likely to have more access to them.

6) Emory University, Georgia – The suburban environment of Atlanta, Georgia helps students immerse themselves into studies completely. The usual ACT score for applicants is 31, so you may want to do an ACT preparation class before taking the exam.

7) Rutgers University – New Brunswick, New Jersey – At Rutgers, you start with a general biology and general chemistry coursework during the first semester. You can choose from a wide range of options for your major – biochemistry, biotechnology, animal science, entomology and more. The city setting offers tremendous opportunities for networking and exploring as well.

8) Duke University, North Carolina – At Duke, you will need to take Calculus II or statistics, physics, and organic chemistry co-requisites as you pursue a bachelor of science in biology. The urban environment is great for students who seek networking opportunities and generally to enjoy and explore life.

9) University of Rochester, New York – Biology is one of the most popular undergraduate programs at the university. The programs here are designed to nurture advanced research in biological sciences. The university is very strong in academics and research.

10) University of Connecticut, Connecticut – The biological sciences major at the university prepares students for employment in many fields such as health, education, forensic science, biotechnology, research etc. Set in Storrs, the university offers a very dependable suburban environment for students.