Top 10 Universities For Communications Majors


A communications major is great for people who are fascinated by the possibility to creating media content that influences, entertains, and contributes to the lives of an audience. Students who major in communications have some great career opportunities such as being public relations specialists, event planners, media planners, social media managers, journalists, business reporters, brand managers, and more. In this article we bring to you some of the top universities in US where you can do a communications program.

1) New York University – NYU has an excellent communications program that teaches you how the media works and how the world around you is shaped by the media. NYU even offers study abroad programs for those interested in stepping outside the US. Depending on the program, you may even get to spend one full year abroad.

2) Boston University – Boston University alumni include names from Google Creative Labs. There are journalism, film and television, advertising, or general communications streams to focus on.

3) James Madison University – This university has programs that allow you to explore everything from health communication to cultural communication. The students are expected to deliver professional presentations during their annual School of Communications conference. This is a great college to learn about communications and to figure out how to make use of the degree at a professional level.

4) Boston College – Boston College has 14 faculty members and almost 1000 communications major students. Their Honors program allows students to research under the guidance of an advisor. The networking opportunities provided by the college helps students get good internships and job opportunities.

5) Northwestern University – Northwestern University offers a range of communication programs. There is something for everyone. You can take classes about pop culture, rhetoric, human interaction, and performance studies for radio, TV, theater, or film.

6) Ithaca College – At Ithaca Colleges, students have eight options to choose from for their communications major. You can learn cinema and photography, television, radio, and even emerging media. There is also a sprinkling of business learning mixed in with communications, so you get an exposure to the business world as well.

7) American University – American University is ideally located in D.C., and therefore it has excellent access to all the latest news. The classes are run more like a newsroom because they focus on being hands on rather than just doc lectures. Students are also encouraged to write about real events that happen on and off campus.

8) Syracuse University – Advertising, graphic design, public relations, magazine, digital journalism, newspaper and online journalism, radio and film, and television are the majors on offer. There are many illustrious alumni from Syracuse University in the sports and journalism arena.

9) University of Pennsylvania – Penn has excellent programs in communications. There is health communication, media institutions, critical journalism, civic communications, and policy just to name a few. There is a lot of flexibility and there are many classes that are designed to meet everyone’s interests. Penn professors are also required to do research, so studying there is an excellent opportunity to assist the research of some of the best minds in the field.

10) Elon University – Here you can choose from journalism, cinema and television, strategic communication, sports and even management etc. There is also an emphasis on learning practical skills such as graphic design and basic coding.