Top 10 Universities For Computer Science Majors


If you study computer science, there may be a range of job options for you to choose from once you graduate. Some of the popular jobs for a computer science major include applications developer, data analyst, security analyst, IT manager, IT consultant, software engineer, database administrator etc. Here we have compiled a list of top universities in the US where you can study computer science.

1) California Institute of Technology – At Caltech computer science is one of the most popular majors. It attracts many bright students and faculty. With a student to faculty ratio of 3:1, Caltech provides a perfect environment to deeply learn computer science, and promote highly innovative collaborations.

2) Georgia Institute of Technology – Georgia Tech is well known for its research and is one of the top choices for computer science majors. Students can get extra training at the Center of Machine Learning within the university, which boasts of leading researchers from its many different colleges and schools.

3) University of Washington – University of Washington is one of the most research-intensive universities in the country. Computer science is the most popular major there, and it is not easy to get an admission. Every year only about one third of the applicant get into the college.

4) University of California, Los Angeles – UCLA is again highly research-focused, so you get access to some of the best minds in the industry and cutting-edge developments. The computer science programs provide a strong foundation in both software engineering as well as computer system hardware.

5) Princeton University – Princeton has always been at the forefront of computer science. Notable alumni include Alan Turing and John von Neumann. The computer science program emphasizes on students doing independent work. You will be required to complete at least one research or design project during your study there.

6) Harvard University – At Harvard, you will be in the midst of groundbreaking research in artificial intelligence, systems and networks, imaging, privacy, computational theory etc. An excellent choice for computer science, but only very few applicants get in.

7) University of California, Berkley – UCB offers courses that combine electrical engineering and the fundamentals of computer science. This interdisciplinary approach works extremely well in imparting a well-rounded and highly application-oriented education to students.

8) Carnegie Mellon University – At Carnegie Mellon, computer networks, robotics, programming languages etc. were invented or developed at various points of time. It has a great academic reputation and is one of the most highly regarded colleges in the world for computer science.

9) Stanford University – Stanford is ideally located in the heart of Silicon Valley, California. And as such you have unparalleled access to the brightest minds in computer science and startups that are changing the world with innovations in technology.

10) Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MIT is world-renowned for its academic rigor. It offers a program that combines electrical engineering and computer science, thus making it a highly practical, dynamic and flexible coursework that imparts a holistic view of the field to students.