Top 10 Universities For Economics Majors


If you approach problems around you with an analytical approach, then economics may be a great choice for a major for you. Economics majors are trained to collect information and analyze them using statistical and mathematical models. They learn how to predict industry trends and assess the impact of decisions in terms of economics policies of a country or an organization. An economics major may be able to work as a market research analyst, an economic consultant, financial analyst, lawyer, management consultant etc. In this article we discuss some of the top universities in the US where you can study economics.

1) Duke University – Situated in North Carolina, Duke University is considered to be one of the best in the country to offer an economics education. It is set in an urban area which gives students opportunities to do a lot of networking even during the years they spend in college.

2) Harvard University – As with many other education streams, Harvard ranks among the top universities in economics education also. Harvard has a highly diverse body of students and faculty, so you get to learn about various cultures and economic outlooks across the world.

3) Columbia University – Columbia University in the City of New York is one of your top picks for studying economics. There are more than 20,000 students in the university making it one of the largest colleges in the country. The diversity among the student population makes this college again an excellent choice to understand different cultures first-hand.

4) University of Chicago – University of Chicago, Illinois, is great for young students who want to learn and make their mark in an urban setting. The average applicant score is 34 on the ACT. 

5) Georgetown University – This is one of the top choices for students who want to learn from a great college but also find avenues for social networking and exploration. Many faculty at Georgetown work full-time, which means that they will have time to work closely with their students.

6) Yale University – Economics is one of the most popular majors in Yale. It is situated in an urban area, so it is excellent for networking and experiencing the world, while at the same time getting world class education. Many students opt for the financial assistance programs, making it more affordable.

7) Northwestern University – Northwestern University has one of the largest student population in Illinois, so it is a great place to meet new people and learn from each other. It also has one of the best economics programs available in the country, with outstanding faculty who dedicate themselves to teaching and research.

8) Princeton University – One of the finest colleges in the country, Princeton is an excellent choice for economics. Located in New Jersey, Princeton provides a very safe and suburban atmosphere which is conducive to learning deeply.

9) Stanford University – Based in California, in the heart of Silicon Valley, Stanford University offers unparalleled access to multiple organizations, business and thought leaders, and the most brilliant minds to connect and network with. It is also known for one of the best economics programs in the country.

10) University of Pennsylvania – Penn is a must-consider option for aspiring economics majors. University of Pennsylvania is one of the largest schools in Pennsylvania, so you have a large student body to connect and interact with. Its economics department boasts of faculty who are highly productive and research-oriented.