Top 10 Universities For English Majors


If you’re wondering whether majoring in English can get you a job that will pay the bills, the answer is yes. English majors offer tremendous value to many employers and can get jobs such as advertising managers, public relation managers, technical writers, editors, translators, interpreters, high school teachers, or college professors. Here are a few colleges that will give you the best opportunity to dive deep into what you love the most – the rich English language and literature, while making you job-ready.

1) Boston University – The English department at Boston University offers courses such as History of the Novel, Gender in Drama etc. One of its innovative course offering is “Representing Boston” where students not only study literature focused on Boston, but also tours the city to learn more. After a creative writing masters, the university offers a year-long global fellowship where the students can travel and write.

2) Emerson College – Emerson focuses heavily on tightening your writing so students are well prepared to succeed in the real word. There is not much bureaucracy at the college and students opinions are actually listened to by the department. This is an excellent choice to prepare for your career.

3) New York University – Some of the most prominent writers today are the faculty at New York University. The English department offers a major and accelerated master’s program as well. There is also a private location inside the campus that is earmarked for workshops and readings for English majors.

4) Columbia University – Here too, you could be taught by some of the stars in contemporary literature. Students here also have a number of publications for their creative outlets. The student faculty ratio at the university is excellent and you will have plenty of opportunities for one on one talks with the professors.

5) Williams College – At the Williams College, students are required to write out a detailed plan about how they are going to spend their four years in college. They are focused on getting students to think like English majors from day one.

6) University of Michigan – Students run the Michigan Daily on campus, and they are always recruiting for the team. This is an excellent place to hone your writing skills, especially if you plan to work in media. There are also some amazing opportunities for networking among the alumni.

7) Emory University – Here again, the faculty have an amazing number of writers who are famous across the world. The college offers creative writing programs for fiction, playwriting, non-fiction, poetry, and screenwriting. The student newspaper is also an excellent opportunity to hone your writing skills.

8) Purdue University – Purdue University’s OWL or the Online Writing Lab is the one that provides the citations-format that is followed across the world. There are four different bachelor’s programs on offer here.

9) University of California, Berkeley – There are more that 80 media groups and publications here, so you get plenty of opportunities to network and get ready for a career. The programs offered at Berkeley are some of the best rated ones in the country.

10) University of Iowa – The daily newspaper at the university boasts of almost 20,000 daily circulation, which means it is actually getting read. There are many Pulitzer Prize-winning alumni at the university. The exchange program also brings in faculty from France to teach here for a year.