Top 10 Universities For Nursing Majors


If you want a fruitful career where you are of service to people while contributing to modern healthcare, a nursing major might be a great choice for you. Professional, qualified, and licensed nurses are in high demand. As a nursing professional you can choose to specialize in critical care, pediatrics, case management, or occupational health. According to the Bureau of Labor Standards, the median annual wage for registered nurses was $70,000 in May 2017.

Here are a few popular choices for universities where you can pursue your nursing major.

1) Duke University – The accelerated bachelor of science in nursing at the Duke University provides a path for students to complete the whole program within 16 months. This is one of the best nursing schools in the country and the academic requirements are stringent. Coursework includes clinical leadership, culturally relevant care, prevention and wellness, and evidence-based practice.

2) University of Pennsylvania – Penn has excellent nursing programs and it is one of the very few colleges in the country that allow you to get a dual degree such as Nursing and Healthcare. Opportunities for research and international study are also included as part of the program.

3) Case Western Reserve University – If you are interested in becoming a nurse for high risk medical situations or want to work as an ER nurse, then this college is a great choice for you. You get direct admission to your nursing program here, and the nursing classes start during your first semester itself.

4) Ohio State University – This college is one of the leaders in nursing programs and provides an excellent foundation for students both in clinical and academic rigor. A number of aspirants apply for the program, so the competition is quite high. With the clinical experience they gather even before graduation, students receive some excellent job offers.

5) University of California, LA – UCLA is considered to be one of the best nursing schools in the US by the U.S. News and World Report. Those who wish to become nurses in clinics or hospitals will find the programs excellent. The coursework prepares you to get a job immediately or pursue further education as a medical administration professional or get a master’s degree.

6) New York University – NYU is home to some of the finest nursing programs available. As expected, competition is high. But if you secure a seat, you will learn from many highly ranked faculty who also hold positions in nurse associations and medical journals.

7) University of Michigan – With an elaborate medical library and many opportunities to study aboard, University of Michigan is an attractive choice for those interested in nursing. Studying abroad could lead to some very interesting and fulfilling job opportunities.

8) University of Washington – The university boasts of a very high graduation rate at 98%. The coursework includes more than 1000 hours of on-the-job experience, thus making students eminently suitable to become highly productive members of the nursing community as soon as they graduate.

9) University of Minnesota – At UM, one of the most popular programs is the BSN-PL program which focuses on advanced practice nursing, research, and teaching. It has some of the best faculty in the country.

10) Emory University – The programs are quite competitive, but Emory provides you with an environment which is highly conducive to learning. The coursework makes you proficient in clinical experience and provides access to the latest resources in healthcare.