Top 10 Universities For Political Science Majors


If politics excites you and you wonder how it can help improve people’s lives, then you might enjoy doing a political science major. You will mostly study topics such as voting, American government, political research, international relations, research design, and constitutional law. You could find job opportunities like policy analyst, political consultant, attorney etc. Here are a few top universities where you can do a political science major.

1) Harvard University – Harvard offers exceptional resources to study politics. The university has always been recognized for its commitment to the philosophical and historical approach to the study of politics. Here you can study a mix of traditional and contemporary political science under reputed faculty.

2) Yale University – At Yale, there are a wide ranges of courses on offer across the subfields of political science. There are regular workshops that invite many eminent speakers from within and outside the campus. Coursework includes political philosophy, comparative government, American government, international relations etc.

3) Georgetown University – Georgetown offers one of the most reputed political science programs in the United States. Training is offered in comparative politics, American government, political theory, and international relations.

4) University of Pennsylvania – Penn students gain both theoretical and practical knowledge in understanding the complex political relationships that exist throughout the world. Students will have the opportunity to work with renowned faculty mentors and gain the skills to respond to real world problems.

5) Princeton University – Princeton has one of the largest undergraduate programs for politics. You will be taught American politics, comparative politics, political theory, and international relations. There is also a strong emphasis on qualitative analysis and strategy.

6) Columbia University – At Columbia University, you will learn political theory, voting and American politics, international security, American elections etc. The political science department also offers interdepartmental majors with departments of statistics and economics.

7) Stanford University – Dedicated to the understanding and teaching of political science, Stanford’s department offers a wide range of courses touching upon both domestic and international politics. Coursework includes using a lot of research methods, and using written and oral communication to improve the analytical and communication skills of students.

8) Vanderbilt University – At Vanderbilt University, you can study political science as part of a group of active and dedicated scholars who have committed themselves to intellectual discovery. The curriculum is balanced and prepares students to become professionals in politics, law and other fields.  

9) University of Chicago – The department of political science offers a large number of courses that cover a wide range of topics from traditional to contemporary politics. The political science major requires you to take twelve political science courses and produce a paper.

10) Duke University – The courses at Duke University will give you a sophisticated understanding of domestic and international political processes. There is a lot of emphasis placed on developing analytical and critical thinking. You will be well-prepared to pursue a career in governmental and non-governmental organizations, making this an excellent choice to pursue a political science major.