Top 10 Universities For Psychology Majors


Psychology studies human mind and behavior. A psychology major can establish a career as a professional psychologist or choose to work in fields related to social work, law, or childcare. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, psychologist jobs are growing faster than average and attracted more than $77,000 as median pay in 2017. Here are some of the top universities in the US where you can pursue a psychology education.

1) Stanford University – At Stanford, both graduate and undergraduate programs are available for psychology. There is a lot of research done in campus on psychopathology, addictive behaviors etc. Close connections with other departments in campus such as business, medicine, law, biology etc. ensures that you get a holistic education.

2) Princeton University – Princeton has a Nobel prize winner along with other highly reputed academics who have won awards from esteemed institutions in the faculty panel. The coursework heavily focuses on social psychology, perception, personality, cognition, and physiological psychology.

3) Yale University – Yale psychology department does research in cognitive psychology, clinical psychology, neuroscience, developmental psychology, and social psychology. There are multiple seminars throughout the year and courses are at the undergraduate, postgraduate, and PhD level.

4) Harvard University – Psychology is one of the most highly sought after courses at Harvard. The graduate program focuses on brain and behavior, social psychology, cognition, developmental psychology, and clinical psychology.

5) Duke University – At Duke University, the graduate program in psychology consists of five areas – developmental psychology, cognition, integrative neuroscience, and clinical psychology. Students are also offered internships so they can get more experience.

6) Northwestern University – At Northwestern University, students complete coursework in personality, clinical and social psychology, cognitive psychology and neuroscience, and cross-cutting courses. Psychology is one of the most popular majors here.

7) University of Michigan – The undergraduate psychology program in University of Michigan focuses on clinical psychology, personality and social contexts, cognitive psychology, biopsychology, and social psychology. If you want a more specific focus on neuroscience and cognitive science, you can also do the BCN (Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience).

8) University of California – At UCLA, psychology is one of the top majors that offer a new transfer pathway to the campus. You can take a set of courses to prepare for admission – introduction to psychology, statistics, calculus 1, biology 1, one additional science course, and one additional social science course.

9) Carnegie Mellon University – At CMU, students pursuing a psychology major will gain knowledge in psychological theories, learn how the scientific method is applied to study human behavior, critically assess research, and gain knowledge and expertise in multiple areas of the discipline. You will get a chance to assist faculty who are active researchers.

10) Columbia University – At Columbia University, you will take foundational courses which include an introductory psychology course, statistics, and research methods. Then you take any one course out of the 3 groups – perception on cognition, psychobiology and neuroscience, and social, personality and abnormal. In addition, students are also required to meet seminar and elective requirements to complete the coursework.