Top Education Resources for College Students


There are many resources available online, most of them free, to help with your studies and make your college life a little easier. In this article, we compile a list of such resources you can supplement your education with so you can make the most of the time you spend in college.

Online Courses and Tutorials

Coursera – Coursera needs no introduction. It is a treasure trove of online courses which have been put together by the most reputed universities and institutions across the world. Coursera offers specialization streams or short courses, and most of the courses can be audited for free.

Udemy – Udemy is also similar to Coursera. It offers more than 45,000 courses which are taught by experts in the field. You get courses ranging from programming to artificial intelligence or even humanities. Not all courses are free, but the prices are very reasonable and they also have periodic heavy discount sales.

Codecademy – Many college students want to build their coding proficiency on the side. Codecademy is an excellent site for that. There are courses that teach you specific languages and you can learn right on your browser without struggling to set up a development environment. For those who are just beginning their programming journey, this is a great resource.

VitaNavis – VitaNsvis is a career exploration assessment that gauges a students strengths and interests to find careers that are best suited for them. Students who are unsure of their future will benefit from this assessment.


Study Hacks Blog – Studying may not always come naturally to everyone. In college there are several homework assignment and deadlines to deal with, and through it all you are also supposed to build your skills and knowledge. This blog helps students become more motivated and productive, and has some excellent tips on how to prepare for exams with confidence.

College Cures – College Cures will help you find hundreds of resources on every aspect of college life. Whether you are looking for some study hacks or you need some advice on how to deal with college life, you can find it all on this blog.

Scott H Young – Scott Young is a blogger who takes up what he calls ‘ultralearning projects’ where he attempts to dive in deep and finish a whole year’s worth of curriculum in a couple of months or so. Follow his blog to be inspired and to get deep insights on how the learning process works, and how you can incorporate them into your life.


College Confidential – College Confidential helps you figure out the path connecting college and the career opportunities that lay ahead of you. Here you get insights from the community, career exploration, and advice from experts on how to tackle college life and your future career.

International Student – This forum is for international students to connect with each other and help them make the most of their student experience. There are many resources to be found here, all tailored to meet the specific requirements of the international student community.

Student Edge – Student Edge is a great forum to share your thoughts and ideas about your student life. The community also helps you find student jobs in your locality. The forums are pretty active, so you will have no trouble connecting with other students who may be struggling with the same issues as you are.