Top Science Resources for College Students


There are many science websites, communities, and other resources available online to help students learn science at all levels. Here, we have compiled a few top resources which you will hopefully find useful to supplement your college learning.

Online Courses and Tutorials

Alison – Alison has thousands of course online, all of which are free to complete. They have courses in all science subjects – Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Health Sciences, for all student levels. Since the courses are self-paced, you can complete them when you want to. You can download a learner record of completion or purchase a certificate of completion to include in your CV.

Khan Academy – The science section of Khan Academy has video lectures ranging from basic Physics to Astronomy and Electrical Engineering. It also has a number of videos on Chemistry, Biology, and Health & Medicine. The explanations are simple and they can be a great resource to brush up on your concepts.

EdX – If you need to learn some specialized science topics you must check EdX science category. They feature topics such as modern astrophysics, neuroscience, DNA methylation, environmental science, and genotyping, among others. These self-paced courses are sourced from top institutions across the world and are available at all learning levels.  


SCIRP – Scientific Research Publishing is an academic publisher with many open access journals in science. You will find papers on Chemistry & Materials Science, Medicine & Healthcare, Earth & Environmental Sciences etc. in this portal.

Science Direct – A great resource to explore research ranging from foundational science to cutting-edge research, they have a large collection of publications in Physical Sciences and Engineering. You will find research papers on theoretical as well as applied science.

Scitable – Scitable publishes free scientist-authored educational articles to bring the latest in science to students and faculty. There are many articles in the fields of cell biology & ecology, genetics etc. It is an excellent resource for undergraduate students as well as teachers.


Scienceblogs – Scienceblogs is a curation of top science bloggers selected for their coverage of the latest in their fields, originality, and insights. You can learn a lot from the blogs that are posted here.

It’s Okay to be Smart – This cheekily named blog is run by Joe Hanson, a Ph.D. Biologist and a science writer. He also has a hugely popular YouTube channel where he discusses everything about science and the universe we live in. It’s an addictive channel for anyone curious about the secrets of nature.  

IFLS – IFL Science is run by the very talented Elise Andrew. The blog explores practically everything under the sun. The best feature of this blog is that it is highly entertaining and accessible – you will have hours of fun reading it.


The Science Forum – This is an excellent forum to ask any question about science or discuss any topic. Read the moderator guidelines before posting anything.

StackExchange – There are many science forums under the umbrella of StackExchange. Check out Physics StackExchange, Chemistry StackExchange, and Biology StackExchange. Search through the threads and you will find that people have asked almost all questions already. You can also ask new questions.