Top Technology Resources for College Students


If you are thinking of making your career in technology, it pays to prepare yourself well during your college years. Technology changes rapidly and it is important to keep yourself up to date with the latest if you are to improve your chances for placement. Here are a few resources that can help you build the skills you need for the job market or just to supplement your college learning.

Online Courses and Tutorials

Codecademy – Codecademy offers programming lessons from beginning to advanced levels. You get hands-on experience writing real code on their web interface without bothering to set up the IDE, thus making it an excellent resource especially for beginner learners.

Dash – Dash offers free online web development courses which you can learn through your browser. If you want to learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, this is a website to check out.

Harvard Online Learning – Harvard offers a lot of educational content for free with the intent to bring world class education to those who may not have a chance to obtain a Harvard education. Their technology courses range from web design and development, to the latest in block chain and cryptography.  

Lynda – Lynda offers a wide range of courses in technology and other topics. You can try the course out for free for the first month, and then you have to pay a subscription fee per month.

Udemy – Udemy offers free as well as paid courses. The paid courses are quite affordable and cover the topic in depth. Check out the reviews and course syllabus coverage before you decide to pay for a course. Udemy brings to you courses on programming languages such as Python, Ruby, Java etc. to full-fledged mobile and web development, data science etc.   


GigaOM – GigaOM covers the latest on Web 2.0, startups, gaming, technologies, artificial intelligence, data science and many more cutting-edge tech topics. If you want to keep yourself abreast of the latest in technology, GigaOM is a blog you must follow.

Mashable – The tech category of Mashable covers everything from the latest gadgets to entertainment and tech news. This is not a blog with hardcore tech focus, but it will give you a bird’s eye view on things that are happening around the world including entertaining news in technology, and a social media mashup.

CodeMentor –   CodeMentor blog talks about the latest in tech, software engineering trends, and startups. It regularly features interviews with industry experts. Follow this blog to get all the latest information about development and software engineering.


Stack Overflow – Stack Overflow is one of the largest online communities for aspiring and professional programmers. This is a great community to solve programming problems, develop new skills, and even to find good job opportunities.

Hashnode – Hashnode was created as a friendly and inclusive community, as an alternative to some of the other communities where newcomers may feel unwelcome and intimidated. This community is friendly and accessible, and you can discuss any topic from programming languages to information security.